About Medicskin Medical Skin Care Centre

Our holding Company, Medicskin Holdings Limited (Stock Code 8307 .HK)  listed on the GEM of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2014.  We are a medical skin care group operating two Medicskin Centres in Hong Kong.

We provide skin care services to our clients which target the treatment of a variety of skin diseases/problems including, but not limited to acne, pigmentation, rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and warts, as well as improvement of their appearance through, inter alia, skin rejuvenation, facial sculpturing and body contouring treatments, treatment of acne scars and enlarged pores, removal of undesirable naevi and hair removal.   Our scope of services include:

Consultation Service

Based on our clients’ specific needs, requirements, and skin conditions, we may propose and/or recommend skincare products/treatments to our clients.

Treatment Service

All treatment devices used to perform treatments on our clients are evaluated and assessed by our professional team over their use by certain selection criteria including whether the devices are evidence-based and/or supported by independent medical journals and/or approved by national government agencies such as FDA/ MFDS/ CE / KFDA etc to ensure their safety and reliability.

Precision and Preventive Healthcare

We collaborate with some leading biotech diagnostics companies providing clients with a range of genetics testing, including hereditary risk assessments, precision cancer tests, ct-DNA Early cancer screening tests, women’s health tests, beauty & allergy tests, and comprehensive health check-up services.  We aim to help our clients to prevent illness, assist in the early detection of specific diseases whilst maintenance of good health.