Eye Bags

Eye bags are actually orbital fat that is innate and its amount differs from person to person. However, an unhealthy lifestyle may slow down the lymph circulation system and cause toxin accumulation, bringing the appearance of swollen eyes, eye bags, and swelling of the lower eyelid. Also, the muscles tend to shrink with age, leading to a lack of support of eyeball movements, resulting in internal pressure.  Orbital fat will then be pushed outwards, leading to a more serious problem of eye drooping.

Traditional liposuction may effectively remove excessive fat, but risks are involved during the surgery, and the skin sagging problems cannot be solved.

Using radiofrequency or ultrasound devices can help stimulate the regeneration of collagen and rejuvenation to tighten the skin around the eyes, but the effects differ from person to person. Consultation with doctors on which treatment plan suits best is strongly recommended.   On the other hand, it is encouraged that healthy habits should be nurtured, such as having regular rest and a balanced diet, keeping good blood circulation, and a healthy lymphatic system, in order to relieve the problem of swollen eyes.

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