Mole Removal

There has not been a conclusion for the cause of skin mole, but it is believed that genes and other factors play a role. Hence, skin moles can be inherited or acquired. Most acquired moles are benign skin tumors; while those inherited ones are associated with the neural crest, tend to form in the dermis, blood vessels, hair follicles, or near sebum glands.

The formation of skin moles has no sex prevalence but is more common on pale skin. It is more difficult to see a mole in dark skin with bare eyes. Moreover, dark skin is able to produce more melanin to protect itself. A study has revealed that the risk of having moles is lowered with the use of broad-spectrum sunblock since early childhood.

One should check his/her mole with a medical professional in case of a sudden change in size, numbers, and/or appearance. Smaller moles can usually be removed by Erbium YAG or CO2 laser while larger ones may require surgery.

Mole can be removed by laser.  This technology uses layer-by-layer vaporization of the skin occurs and it gently removes the upper layers of the skin.


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