Discussion on different approaches for minimizing cellulite



Cellulite is known as orange-peel skin and is referring to the formation of lumps and dimples in the skin. Although it is more common in females due to the distribution of fat, muscle, and connective tissues, it can affect both females and males.  Possible factors causing cellulite formation including but are not limited to hormonal factors, age, genetic factors, dietary and/or lifestyle factors.  It is very common but some clients may be disturbed by its appearance.  There are several different approaches to help to minimize cellulite, some might be temporary and some might have longer effects. We will discuss some of the options here.

Certain cellulite-targeted creams and lotions containing caffeine can help temporality shrinking fat cells or using retinol to help thickening skin and improving skin elasticity. Yet, topical treatment might not be very effective in removing cellulite.

There are also different therapies that could help to combat cellulite, including acoustic wave therapy, laser treatment, subcision, endermologie, radiofrequency therapy, liposuction etc.

Today we will discuss a new non-invasive treatment combining both thermal and mechanical energy to eliminate the causes of cellulite and loose skin.

The new Emtone by BTL is based on a simultaneous delivery of monopolar radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy. During the treatment, the RF targets fat layers and chambers in soft cellulite, whilst the targeted pressure wave therapy is applied to break down the hardened collagen fibers.  And together they promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage. It has been proven there is a decrease of 9% in the subcutaneous fat layer (1) and an average 14% increase in the thickness of the dermis(1).

Follow up with a diet with less fat and sugar, higher fibers plus a lifestyle with regular exercises are always suggested to help to reduce the development of cellulite.


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