Alex TriVantage® 755nm

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Alex TriVantage Laser is a laser with a wavelength of 755nm to penetrate through pigment tissues. Partial shock waves will be formed to break up the pigment tissues for them to be absorbed by the human body.

As the reaction between laser energy and biological tissues is short, the risk of thermal injury to surrounding tissues is reduced.  Different pigment cells absorb the different wavelengths of the laser, therefore choosing the laser with the optimal wavelength for absorption will effectively remove the pigment without influencing the surrounding normal cells.




During the laser treatment, the device will emit a laser that penetrates into the skin to match the pigment within the skin layer.  The pigments will be destroyed by laser energy. As the pigmented cells may not be totally destroyed with one single treatment, further treatments may be necessary.

It should be noted that related risks should be clearly understood before the treatment. 

Alex TriVantage® 755nm
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