Plasonic™ Plasma & Ultrasonic Treatment

To treat / improve

Plasonic treatments involve the PlaPass and SonoPass Systems.  With PlaPass, plasma ion is emitted as invisible size which transfers energy into the skin, which helps sterilize skin and stimulate better skin absorption.  Followed by the SonoPass, the ultrasound helps transports of skincare solutions through cell membranes, maximizing skin regeneration, promoting skin firmness, refining skin texture, and even skin tone.



What is Plasonic used for?

                                  ✓Even skin tone

                                  ✓Maximize skincare nutrients delivery

                                  ✓Help skin sterilization

                                  ✓Increase skin absorption ability

                                  ✓Enhance skin firmness and elasticity


Plasonic™ Plasma & Ultrasonic Treatment
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