Dermatitis Eczema

Skin conditions like swelling or inflammation can be considered dermatitis. It can be categorized with various allergens and irritants including rubber, metal, food, vegetation and etc.

Eczema is counted as chronic dermatitis.  It can occur in any body part with different characterization.  It is very common for eczema patients to have drying to crack skin which is red and itchy.  In serious cases, the affected skin will be inflamed, swelled, and blistered. Abrasion and thickened skin may also occur if a patient tries to ease conditions by scratching.

The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis, which is an overactive response triggered by the contracting of immune cells in the dermis and antigens from the external environment.

Emollients which are usually lotions or creams can be used to moisturize the skin to prevent itching.  Most commonly used emollients brands contain non-irritating moisturizer ingredients, such as glycerin.

To manage eczema, emollients can be used as a moisturizer to maintain the skin in a non-irritated state.  If a flare-up occurs, topical steroids, topical non –steroids immunomodulatory, or oral antihistamines can be prescribed to relieve the situation by anti-inflammatory action.  Antibiotics are also applied to kill bacteria at the eczema wounds, reducing infections.

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