Byonik® Pulse Triggered Laser

BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser Technology utilizes dual-wavelength, 658nm and 808nm, for a gentle and non-invasive treatment to the skin.

Red radiation 658nm helps to boost collagen and elastic fibers generation and performing anti-bacterial all the way through the dermis layer in the skin.   Near-infrared 808nm can enhance metabolism all the way through the subcutaneous layer and beyond in the skin; thus, inducing a detoxification effect to increase the skin generative capacity.



Combining the use of BYONIK® Hyaluronic Acid Gel, the treatment helps smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing pores, tightening skin, as well as hydrating dry skin.

It should be noted that related risks should be clearly understood before the treatment.  If there is any problem before or after the procedures, consultation with the supervising doctor is necessary. 

Byonik® Pulse Triggered Laser
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