Feminine issue

What causes vaginal laxity?

The natural process of aging, congenital disease, vaginal delivery are considered the possible causes of vulvovaginal laxity(1) driven by changes in collagen and elastin fibers.  This causes a loss of strength and flexibility within the vaginal wall.  As a result, some women may experience loss of sensation with intercourse and decrease sexual satisfaction or urinary incontinence.

There are several ways to tighten the vagina. An invasive procedure such as Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” the vagina providing more tone, strength, and control to your vaginal muscles, enhancing sensitivity and sexual experience.

Some people may consider non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment.  The use of RF energy disrupt old collagen, stimulate blood flow for new collagen remodeling.  The treatment improve natural lubrication and sensation as well as improvement on stress urinary incontinence by thickening the anterior wall of vagina.



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