Ultra® Femme 360™

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Ultra Femme 360™ vaginal rejuvenation uses two specifically designed disposable ultrasound and radio-frequency energy probes to treat vaginal tissues. This treatment utilizes a 360-degree radiofrequency heating system, which works for both the internal and external structure of the vagina. 

Treatment increases blood flow and stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers in the labial region and vaginal canal.   The mono RF energy disrupts old collagen, stimulates blood flow for new collagen remodeling.  With three to four treatments, there will be improvements on the tightening of the vaginal canal and opening, labia major being plumped, and enhanced blood flow to the clitoris. The treatment can also improve natural lubrication and sensation; as well as, an improvement on stress urinary incontinence by thickening the anterior wall of the vagina. 



What is Ultra Femme 360™ used for?

✓ vaginal tightening

✓ labial remodeling

✓ Strengthen vaginal muscles and pelvic floor

✓ Improve stress incontinence

✓ Increase sexual satisfaction

It should be noted relevant risks should be clearly understood before the treatment. If there is any problem before or after the treatment, consultation with the attending medical personnel is necessary.

Ultra® Femme 360™
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