Clear + Brilliant® 1440nm / 1927nm

Clear + Brilliant™ laser creates millions of microscopic thermal wounds on the skin. This process enhances skin rejuvenation by stimulating the remodeling of skin tissues, resulting in fine and bright skin.

Clear & Brilliant have two wavelengths: 1440nm / 1927nm.  The treatment addresses common age and lifestyle-related skin issues. It can address multiple concerns such as:

✓ Refine skin texture

✓ Even skin tone

✓ Depigmentation





✓ Tighten pores

✓ Smooth fine lines

✓ Tackles skin aging problems

Clear + Brilliant™  is FDA approved.

It should be noted that related risks should be clearly understood before the treatment.  Direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided and diligent skincare should be done after the treatment.   

Clear + Brilliant® 1440nm / 1927nm
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