Teosyal® Redensity 1

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TEOSYAL® REDENSITY I contains substances (8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals, vitamin B6, hyaluronic acid and Lidocaine).  It is in the form of a gel that stabilizes the skin structure by attracting and binding water and contributes to the elastic properties of the skin that allow it to remain tight.

Injections of hyaluronic acid into the skin are thought to replenish its natural support structures damaged by aging, resulting in lifting and improving wrinkles. Teosyal Redensity 1 is a highly concentrated non-crosslinked HA with nutrients to improve hydration, firmness, and healthy.



What is Teosyal Redensity® used for?

✓Improve the skin’s hydration, antioxidant protection, moisture retention, and  consumption

✓Improve fine lines

✓Comprehensive quality

✓Improved skin elasticity and firming

✓Enhance protein and elastin elasticity

It should be noted that the treatment must be performed by registered doctors, and relevant risks should be understood clearly before the treatment.  If there is any problem after the treatment, consultation with the attending medical practitioner is necessary.

Teosyal® Redensity 1
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